Neem leaf powder has properties of anti-septic, anti-bacterial and insecticidal. It is used in many herbal health, cosmetic, and hygiene products.The fresh leaves in the tree which are free from contamination are collected. Then the leaves are cleaned by pure water to remove the impurities like sand, smut and soot. The leaves are dried in a clean surrounding. Then it is crushed in to powder.Neem has a properties of anti fungal, anti viral, anti parasitic, anti bacterial and anti protozoal , because of its properties it is used to safeguard from all microorganisms.


Neem tree grow faster up to a height of 15 -20 meters. In ancient and Ayurveda medicines neem tree is famous because of its medical properties. Neem tree play a vital role in India with many uses. The roles for planting the neem tree in the borderlands of the farms are

Neem Leaves

The Neem leaves are rich in organic compound. In India the leaves are used in many festivals like garlands. In Pakistan the leaves are used to give baths to children who are suffering from skin diseases. The 5 to 10 leaves with branch are boiled in water until the water change in to green and this water is used for many purposes. In Pakistan the neem leaves are dried and kept in the cupboards to prevent the clothes form clothes eating insect. Neem leaves are dried and burnt to keep away the mosquitoes. The Neem leaves which is used to reduce the acid in the soil.