Neem oil contains various compounds which are used as pesticide and medical properties. It contains some percentage of fatty acids, vitamin E and amino acids. Neem oil is used for many skin diseases and it is also used for making soaps, cream, toothpaste, shampoos, mosquito repellant, lotions and cosmetics. Neem oil is also used for making pet products like pet shampoo, soaps etc. Neem oil is used for pets as Veterinary Medicines.


Neem oil is an important and most useful product from the neem tree. The Cold pressing method is the latest method of extraction.Our company use cold pressing method for the oil extraction. The first and foremost process is to collect the fruit which is fall from the Neem tree and the harvesting fruit from the Neem tree.The fruit should be washed to remove the dust and impurities. And then it is dried to separate the seed from the kernels. Then by the cold pressure method we obtain the pure Neem oil from the seed. In cold pressed extraction method Neem oil is a purest form with the presence of active compounds. The Neem oil obtained by the cold pressured method is lighter in odor and also light in color when compare with other extraction method.

Where to buy Neem Oil?

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